We are sad to let you know that Hearts at Home is dissolving because of critical financial issues. We have been working with another organization, hoping and praying that they might be able to take on the mission that we love. Unfortunately, that did not work out. We are working through the process of dissolving. We know this is heartbreaking news. Would you pray alongside of us? Pray that our moms will find hope and encouragement. Pray for our dedicated staff and volunteers as they mourn the loss of this thing they love, and try to find other employment.

Hearts at Home has always been in the business of pointing our moms to speakers that are experts in different topics. All of those speakers will still be available to you as a resource! Our Founder, Jill Savage, is a great source, through her blog, writing, speaking, and email newsletter. If you want to continue to receive encouragement from Jill, please head over to http://www.jillsavage.org/subscribe/ to get connected today!

Over the past 24 years Hearts at Home has helped thousands of moms. We have had conferences in Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Indianapolis, Portland, California, Colorado, Arizona, Chicago and Tulsa, as well as, events across Europe for 12 years. Hearts has helped moms through conferences, but also through our website, radio program, books, magazine, e-newsletter, etc. It has been our honor to serve hard working moms. Moms rock!